Homes for Sale in Uptown Charlotte

Charlotte – The Queen City.  It’s not the Old South of yesterday!.

Charlotte,  located in Mecklenburg County, has the largest population in North Carolina.   It’s impressive “Uptown” commercial center is the banking hub of the American South.  It profile skyline is a beautiful site, and the “Uptown” area not only features major corporate office headquarters but also hosts the Bank of America, Carolina Panthers Football Team, The Hornets, The Nascar Hall of Fame, The Mint Museum, Discovery Place for Science, the Blumenthal Theatre and the Charlotte Convention Center.  There is so much to do beside just live here, and all of this is located just in the Uptown area of Charlotte. Of course , to feed its hungry guests its has the most impressive restaurants and local Breweries. In recent years, Charlotte has been the go-to city for people moving to Charlotte, and many of those people end up relocating to Uptown Charlotte.   What makes our Uptown so exciting is that it does not close down at night.  The new impressive townhomes, condos and apartments keep the Uptown Community alive at night.

Charlotte’s Uptown area is made up of Four Wards that run along Trade and Tryon streets. The Four Wards have everything from the best apartments to the best restaurants in Uptown Charlotte all can be walking distance to your workplace.  At a glance, the wards may seem indistinct, but upon further investigation, you will see how each ward has its own story, history and characteristics.

Living in First Ward

First Ward is a great place to live. Located near several great private and public schools, it is a great location for families. The added B-Cycle stations that can be found on East 9th and 7th Street make it incredibly easy to get around if you are looking for a cheap way to get to work or explore the area. First Ward Park is a magnificent addition to this area; it is a beautiful four-acre park with tons of outdoor space for picnics, games and fun and even an interactive fountain for those hot Queen City days.

Living in Second Ward

Second Ward is a great place to be when visiting Charlotte, as there are tons of hotels, the Charlotte Convention Center and the EpiCentre. Second Ward is home to some of the best apartments in Charlotte, but if you want to live there, they come at a high price. Thus, Second Ward is a big destination for singles relocating to Uptown Charlotte.

Living in Third Ward

The Third Ward is a great place for families and couples looking to buy as home in Charlotte.   There is a lot of  NEW real estate available from apartments  to townhomes in great locations within the city.  Surrounding the BB&T Ball park there are several little neighborhoods including a mix of new and old homes The Third Ward is also where one of the most popular parks in Charlotte Uptown is Frazier Park.   Families often go there for the day with their kids to play of let their dogs run around in the dog park

Living in Fourth Ward

Fourth Ward is a large mix of old and new, from Victorian homes to new, contemporary condos and apartments. You can go from a small Victorian home that was built in the 1800s to a 50-floor luxury apartment, such as The VUE, in a matter of blocks. Fourth Ward Park is also a go-to spot for families and people wanting to enjoy the outdoors. Favorite spots for residents of Fourth Ward include Alexander Michael’s, which is a family-owned restaurant and bar that was built in the Crowell-Berryhill Store, a grocery store that originally opened in 1897.

Surrounding the Uptown area

There are many  impressive communities like Myers Park, Southparak, University,  No/Da Plaza Midwood, Elizabeth and Southend.   North of the Uptown area in Charlotte are  Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville.

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